Hearing and Cognition

Hearing Loss and Cognition: What’s the Link?

Emily Martinson, AuD, PhD

Cognition and brain health has become a major topic in the world of healthcare, especially in the past couple of years. Patients often ask us as hearing healthcare professionals, “What is the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive health? Does my hearing loss relate to my brain?

The Silent Link: Exploring the Connection Between Hearing Loss and Fall Risk


Hearing loss is often considered an isolated condition, primarily affecting one’s ability to perceive sound. However, recent research has shed light on a surprising and significant connection between hearing loss and an increased risk of falls. This silent link emphasizes the importance of addressing hearing health not only for improved communication but also for overall safety and well-being.

Three Common Ways to Evaluate Your Hearing Aid

There are several ways of evaluating how well a hearing aid compensates for hearing loss.   Below are three of the most common options.


One approach is audiometry, which measures a subject’s hearing levels in laboratory conditions. The advantage of testing in a lab is that threshold levels for various sounds and intensities can be measured under a variety of conditions.

Nine tips to keep loved ones with hearing loss close this holiday season

According to the Better Hearing Institute, keeping the people you love who are struggling with hearing loss in the conversation and part of the celebration is one of the most meaningful things you can do this holiday season.

They identify nine areas (or tips) that you can use to make a difference in the lives of impacted friends and family,