Coming this Spring: Join Me at the “Use of CBCT in Endodontics” Workshop

Please join me for a 2-day classroom event on the “Use of CBCT in Endodontics” this coming March 4th and 5th in Washington D.C.

This evidence-based program, updated with the most current information, has been presented more than 65 times during the past twelve years. This workshop applies to all limited field of view CBCT scanners.

Presenters include myself – Thomas P. Winkler, MD, along with Martin D. Levin, DMD, Barry Pass, DDS, PhD, and Eric J. Ploumis, DMD, JD.

What will you learn?

  • Systematic interpretation of CBCT scans
  • Reporting on cross-sectional images, methods, and conventions
  • Advantages of CBCT, common interpretation errors and artifacts
  • Biologic effects of radiation dose relevant to endodontic CBCT assessments. Absorbed, equivalent and effective dose and their units
  • Comparative doses for 2D and 3D
  • Endodontic application of CBCT in endodontics
  • Maxillary sinus anatomy, referring to otolaryngologist and endodontic considerations
  • Radiologic anatomy of the CBCT image, normal and pathologic findings
  • Principles of CBCT image production
  • Workflow, the consent process, medico-legal considerations and branding
  • Emerging technology, emerging risk: legal considerations regarding the assessment of radiographic images

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